Hi, my name is Chris

I like to make things.

This is me.

Topics I am interested in.

  • Numerical computing
    • Gradient free optimization
    • Root finding
    • Finite element/ volume/ difference methods
  • Machine intelligence and adaptation
    • Mechanical structural optimization
    • Evolutionary algorithms
    • Vision processing and autonomous control
    • Reinforcement learning
  • Composite materials
    • Metal matrix composites
    • Matrix electrodeposition
    • Smart composites

A brief bit about me.

I have a passion for both engineering and computing. I graduated from Washington State University with my BS in mechanical engineering in September 2017. I am currently planning to work in industry before eventually returning to graduate school for applied math.

I find that research is the most rewarding kind of work there is. Regardless of whether it's in an academic or industrial setting, it is always my goal to continue to push boundaries and develop new technologies.

Things I enjoy.

  • Hiking
  • Road trips
  • Going to the gym
  • Warhawk (2007 videogame)
  • Thinking about stuff

This is also me.

Some of the things I have worked on.

I really enjoy open-ended projects, and as a result I've worked on quite a few of them. Most of my projects and experiments didn't make the cut for this website, but a few of them are listed here.

WSU Mars Rover

Collegiate mars rover design and build competition. Came in second place for the 2015-2016 season as a first year team, ahead of more well known universities like Cornell and Yale. The entire rover, which is nearly the size of a Smart Car, was designed and precision manufactured by a team of just 14 mechanical engineering students, including myself.

Design, Build, Fly

Final report from the 2016-2017 WSU Design, Build, Fly team. Designed and manufactured a compact, folding UAV.

Undergraduate Research

Algorithms research focused on improving global combinatoric search and optimization methods. The combinatorial search space was mapped onto a lower-dimensional metric space so that a response surface could be fitted, enabling Bayesian-style search methods to be applied.

Boeing Senior Capstone

Collaboration with The Boeing Company on an R&D project for senior capstone.

Prototype Autonomous Vehicle

Self-driving robot capable of recognizing and avoiding obstacles. Dual web cameras feed image frames into the DarkNet real-time neural object detection library. The parallax between object detections from each camera is then computed to locate each classified object in 3D space relative to the robot. The robot then runs A* pathfinding through the object field to generate motor control signals, and interpolates its estimated position between camera frames using wheel rotation data.

Fire Department Data Analysis

Collaborated with the Everett, Washington fire department to determine the source of large growth in emergency incidents that had begun to strain city resources. Wrote scripts to process over a decade of raw emergency services vehicle dispatch data. Uncovered the changing demographic factors driving the influx of incidents. Results were presented to the Everett City Council.

My philosophy on work and learning.

Challenging problems are usually the ones that are most worth solving. I like to push myself into new areas that I am not familiar with so that I can continue to grow my skills and knowledge.

My experience.

  • Undergraduate research
    • Developed novel global discrete optimization algorithms
    • Wrote and maintained numerical codes
  • WSU Mars Rover
    • Reduced weight through finite element design studies
    • Designed and manufactured custom high traction tire treads
    • Designed and manufactured soil sampling system
    • Designed and manufactured power and data distribution system
    • Developed vision-based autonomous navigation capability
  • Design, Build, Fly
    • Performed aerodynamic design studies for configuration selection
    • Performed CFD analysis
    • Designed and manufactured the tail control surfaces and folding mechanisms
    • Manufactured carbon fiber composite structures
  • Boeing Senior Capstone Project
    • Performed economic and market analysis
    • Sourced materials and components from suppliers
    • Applied electrochemical material deposition techniques
    • Characterized the electrical properties of a new material

My skills.

  • Software development
    • Assembly, C, Java, Javascript, Python, Scheme
    • High performance/ parallel/ distributed computing
    • Peer to peer distributed systems
    • Web development
  • Engineering
    • Design optimization
    • Fiber reinforced composites
    • CNC machining
    • General competency (EIT certified)
  • CAD and simulation software
    • Solidworks (CSWA and CSWA-S certified)
    • Siemens NX
    • ANSYS
  • Office software
    • MATLAB/ GNU Octave
    • Minitab statistical software
    • Excel, Word, etc.

Shoutouts are welcome.

Whether you want to discuss a research or work opportunity, or just have a conversation about engineering or computing, I am always thrilled to meet new people. Drop me a line and let's talk.

How to reach me.

  • E-mail:
    • christian.stroemel@wsu.edu
  • Phone number:
    • (425)-530-2886